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Hello, my name is Ndamugoba Ivan Expeditho. I am not ashamed to introduce myself to you as a teacher. I have been teaching for more than 10 years now. I am proud to be a teacher. 

I find it useful to share what I know with you. I value the time you are spending on this blog, and I want to make sure that you get the best results in O-level mathematics or famously known as GCSE.

In my 10 years experience of my carrier, I have been teaching several subjects such as Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Studies. Of all these subjects mathematics is my favourite.

In this blog I expect to help all people with problems on how to solve basic mathematics  questions systematically so that they can improve their performance. I am trying to use as simple methods as possible for better understanding. I always seek to satisfy your curiosity for mathematics.

This blog should not be a substitute for your school textbook, but rather as a supplement to what your teacher has already done at school. To give more emphasis, in most examples which I publish nowadays, have a try this.... part. This will give a student an opportunity to measure him/herself on what he has grasped.

After reading a text book and find that the concepts are so hard to grasp, this blog is here to give the student a very needful help, to achieve a higher performance in Mathematics.

I strongly believe that visiting this site is a time well spent event.

Once again, welcome on this site. Feel at home.


  1. I really respect you brother. Nafanya jitahada kama zako ingawa katika upande wa kompyuta. http://www.edu.busaraafrika.com

    1. Yes Rabii. Be blessed for encouraging me on this prominent work.

  2. Much respect to you brother, I really appreciate your work. Am so much interested on what you are doing, please if possible may I be part of your effort? Am a Mathematics teacher.

    1. Yes we can work together. I can help you and we can share some important things especially on this crucial subject escaped by many. Welcome!

  3. Thanks for appreciation. I am so much encouraged by your comments.